A busy lifestyle might not give us enough time to go to a gym and get the exercise we need

Hey, I want you to work out today! Let’s start off on a good note by performing some light cardio for about 10 minutes. Alexa will play some music for you and help you set up your workout station. Great job! You’ve completed your workout… and as if that wasn’t enough, she’ll even track your progress throughout the day!

Today’s societies are changing and even traditional gyms that occupy spaces in garages and basements are getting replaced by fitness centers with modern equipment.

This article discusses how personal trainers still have a role to play at gyms and how AI assistants are also playing a crucial part in the exercise ecosystem.

Today’s society is changing rapidly, as seen by the gym’s move from home-based to commercial, not just because it provides more convenience and privacy, but also because it’s necessary for people to spend less time on their fitness. Nowadays there is no need for physical effort outside of one’s comfort zone, so there is no need for personal trainers anymore.

A gym is a place of fitness that provides space for people to exercise. It could be in the form of a sports club, school, or private facility.

Today’s gym has evolved from social centers to training centers that provide alternative ways for workouts and play since technology has become an integral part of the industry.

Gym today comes in different forms and can range from a community center to an athletic club, school or even a private facility. It is evolving as more individuals are using it for social purposes instead of just exercising.