People are increasingly getting into fitness, especially young people.

A recent study published in the journal “British Medical Journal” shows that in the past six years the number of overweight people has increased by more than 33%.

Today’s fitness industry is experiencing unprecedented growth, with some estimates putting it at a $70 billion market. Successful online fitness influencers such as Kayla Itsines and James Vincent have been turning their passion for health into profitable businesses and influencing both personal and professional lives of many.

YouTube’s library of videos on exercise is expansive, with running being one of its most popular topics

Video training is also a popular way to workout for many people

Today’s gym is a place where people come to work out, watch others exercise, and talk about their workout. But what was in the past a gym has changed over time. Today, it’s no longer just a place to get fit and lose weight, but also to socialize and spend time with each other.

People go to the gym today for many reasons such as improving their health or increasing their fitness level or even having fun with friends while exercising. In addition, they also want new ways of working out that are more efficient than running on the track – which requires long run times – or using cardio machines. This is where videos can help because you can use video training for cardio workouts as well as for strength training workouts such as bench presses and squats

There are so many choices to choose from when it comes to exercising today. From YouTube videos to personal trainers, there are a lot of options available which might be beneficial if you’re just starting out, but if you’re already in the game then the variety can be overwhelming. For example, if you’re doing cardio right now your options are running, walking, stairs instead of treadmill or elliptical machine.

One of the best exercises for cardio is running. But what about those people that don’t want to run on a treadmill for 10-20 minutes a day and want more flexibility? Well, fortunately there is YouTube! People watch these videos on how to run in different ways like jogging vs sprinting, intervals vs continuous training sessions and so much more! Some would say that it’s not